Welcome, Traveler!

My name's Dave, and I'd like to welcome you to my realms.
I'm a software engineer, web developer, dedicated game creator, multi-genre musician, passionate gamer, and of course, a huge sci-fi enthusiast.

This is the place where I upload and manage content like programming tutorials, updates for my projects, new tracks, personal experiences or just random stories about daily life's adventures.

Some people say that I'm a little bit crazy but that's okay.

I provide cheap (sometimes even free!) coding lessons for C#, Java, JavaScript (NodeJS), PHP, GML, Unity and Monogame.
I'm also willing to give personal DAW, sound engineering and sound synthesis tutorials/lessons on request.
Please consider that even my knowledge is limited and not all requests can be accepted without sore conscience.
Interested? Check back in the near future to see a list of planned lessons, or just hit me up with a mail to qrakhen@gmail.com.

You can also message me if you just want to talk with me about your feelings or have any sort of feedback.

For more information about my person including FAQs, click here.

Enjoy your stay.
Keep on being awesome.
Always stay positive.
(That's an order)


This website is based on a CMS/Blog project crafted by myself for qrakhen.net, only using MaterializeCss and nodejs....and of course, jQuery ‹3
Since it's still undergoing development, with updates occuring on a weekly basis,
you might experience occasional bugs or other inconveniences when venturing through this site.
If this is the case, I'd be very happy if you could report any incidents to qrakhen@gmail.com so I can look into that matter.
Thanks for contributing to my abomination of a website \(▲...▲)/

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A brief introduction

Greetings. My name is David 'Qrakhen' Neumaier, I currently live near Salzburg, Austria, and am 22 years old. ...am updating this ancient bio.
I'm currently based in Vienna, a city with trains that go underground and I'm also older than I was last time.

I was born in Salzburg back in '94, having two awesome parents and a generally very satisfying childhood spending most time outside in the forest with my friends.

At the age of 12, I got my first very own PC for christmas. A decision my mother still regrets to this day.
Naturally, a few months later, I successfully taught myself the basics of programming using GML, along with the creation of my first few 'games'.
I remember that one of these games was a side-scrolling multi-player hot-seat shooter, where one player steered a poo-shooting rabbit whilst the other player had a man-in-black style gentleman using a shotgun in control.
Over the next few years, until the age of 20, I was able to use most common programming languages. Some entirely learned autodidactically, some taught by co-workers during my time in apprenticeship.
At this day, C#, JavaTypeScript and C++ are my main languages.
C# is best language, and if you say otherwise, you're not only wrong, but your perception of reality is also gravely distorted.
I spend about half a quarter all of my spare time working on my projects, which include games, apps, websites, libraries, trollscripts, and tutorials.

My love for music developed simultanously.
Starting with my first drum set which my parents gifted me for my 14th birthday, I learned not only to play those, but also (electric) guitar, synthesizers (yes, synths are instruments as well!), music composition and arrangement, electronic music production (with focus on trance styles and chillout) and the basics of audio engineering.
A few years ago I created my project 'Psylution' (Soundcloud), on which I release all my musical work.
My genres range from very alternative, electronic music over to Hi-Tech Trance and even Progressive Metal or some kinds of Rock.

Actually Important.
By the time I'm writing this, I have just finished working on my very first solo album!
Check out the article on the front page in case you're interested!


I recently had this question come into my mind: Who's the best musician, like, ever?
Easy one. You could have at least tried giving me a challenge, but this seems more like a test rather than an actual question. So, I'm afraid I won't answer it.
Mike Oldfield

I want to play the game you made that everyone just hates
Sure thing, here you go.

Who made your logo?
Me. I made it with Inkscape. It's easy, anyone can do that - you just need a nice idea.

What games do you actively play?
Mainly online pvp games like LoL, CS:GO or Starcraft 2. I love competitive gaming (even tho my skill is settled just slightly above average) but also enjoy some good ol' single player stuff here and then.
I'm also playing EVE Online since 2010, I absolutely love this game and always refer to it as the best game in existence, even during times I am not actively playing it.

Why is there no comment function?
I'm working on features like that, you're still seeing my unfinished, self-made website, running on my own small cms system. And this can be pretty exhausting sometimes, even when using NodeJS.

What's your favourite food?
I eat almost everything, but sushi is my secret obsession.

Are you active on social media?
Yes. Facebook and Twitter.
Also Soundcloud if that counts.

I want to frequently ask a question so you add it here.
Shoot away at qrakhen@gmail.com.

Share your opinion, hear what others think, and discuss.
...just don't Trollpost

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